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nami's playground (mori’s eye mod wipppp :D he has no face-up yet but...)

nami's playground

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weird blog of the weirdo ,called namiren ;)

mori’s eye mod wipppp :D he has no face-up yet but i like to draw  a few lines there where the things will be ,it helps me a little before the face-up  to decide where the things will be :) 

am yeah… mori had a huge mod on his tights too so now he can pose in cute ways X3

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  4. bluekitsune said: Bby boyyyyyy ;w; I’m curious to see what you did with his thigh. Was it tricky? (I bet it was, tiny dolls are so delicate Dx)
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    awwwwwww QwQ thank you thank you thank you *hugs* ehehehe :D I hope you will like the finished version too ;D I’ll try...
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    im just going to melt over the progress, everytime I see something new It’s like “AAahhh this cute thing just keeps...