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Ringdoll Ring Kid Rebecca(white skin) Feeler
****SOLD****(under layaway)

Item Information:

Item: Ring Kid Rebecca
Brand/Maker: Ringdoll
Skintone and Resin Type: white skin (french)
Included in sale: doll with a face up by me, pair of glass eyes, box, card, clothes, wig,shoes etc.

Item Description:
Beause of a few “lovely financial problems I’m thinking on selling on one of dolls :/
so Ringdoll Rebecca for sale now. She has a faceup by me , no damages on the faceup. Originally she is 300USD at Ringdoll as a blank nude doll. If you buy her I’ll give you a wig, a blue lace dress ,brown underskirt, blue ballet shoes, a belt , a grey cardigan , knitted scarf , a birdcage necklace, black little bag, and one of the headbands on the top of the picture.

This item has yellowing.
Mostly kept in a box and got yellowing bath twice but I’m not her first owner and her resin is different then my other dolls so I have no idea what kind of color she had originally :/
Item has modification : small nose-job ,to make her nose less big

I’m not the first owner of this item.

Payment Information
Price: $300.00 + shipping +pp fee
(I’m interested in reasonable offers too)

Payment Options: Paypal  

Splits?: Yes , If there’s buyer for both parts.
Trades?: No
Layaway?: Yes. Short ones plz PM me for infos

Shipping Information:

Item ships from: Hungary
I will ship the item 1-3 business days after receiving payment.
will ship internationally.

Shipping Options: 
Priority with tracking (the cheapest) or EMS or anything you’d like :) 
I under declare  and mark as a gift if you would like it.
Insurance is optional, let me know if you wish to have it added to shipping.
do not require insurance. Please keep in mind that if you do not choose insurance, I am not responsible for loss or damage in transit unless the item is misaddressed or poorly packaged.

I  don’t smoke and have no pets.

My doa feedback : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?515848-Feedback-for-namiren&p=9025258#post9025258

Please PM me if you are interested!!

PS : (Yepp.. PPfee, If you have problem with this I can calculate it in the price for you If 309.27 or something (pp fee calculator told me this number I don’t really know how much is the pp fee) sounds better for you ._. 

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